José Nuno Beirão (FAUL - Lisboa)

He graduated in Architecture in 1989 at the Faculty of Architecture, TU Lisbon and later he worked at Goçalo Byrne and João Pedro Falcão de Campos offices.
In 1998 he founded the architecture firm Bquadrado architects together with Miguel Braz. His architectural practice can be viewed in the website .
Master degree in Urban Design in 2005, at ISCTE-IUL, University Institute of Lisbon, and completed his PhD in Urban Design at TU Delft, Netherlands, in 2012. The theme of his dissertation is the development of design patterns for the establishment of computational platforms for urban design. In his thesis "CItyMaker: Designing for Urban Design Grammars" the acronym CIM stands for City Information Modeling stressing the emphasis of information support in urban design.
His current research interests focus on the use of parametric systems and geographic databases.
He is currently the coordinator of the Design and Computation Group at FA-ULisboa. Beirão is also a shape grammar specialist and has published several papers on the above topics in renowned international journals.