Tiago Mealha Costa Forjaz Trigueiros was born in Lisbon in 1977, and lives in Cascais. Between architecture and managing he ended up doing a graduation in Urban Management Architecture (Arquitetura de Gestão Urbanística) in Faculdade de Arquitetura de Lisboa (FA-UTL).
He has been working since 2001 (post internship) in the Municipality of Sintra, developing local plans and urban studies. In 2009 he starts coordinating the new planning division that has the responsibility to develop internally the urban and local plans such as “Plano de Urbanização da Serra da Carregueira”, “Plano de Urbanização de Sintra”, “Plano de Pormenor da Praia Grande”, “Plano de Pormenor da Praia das Maçâs”, “Plano de Pormenor do Pedregal”, among others. In 2013 the responsibilities of the planning division are increased to incorporate the geographical information system (GIS) of the municipality, providing the challenge to renew and upgrade the GIS municipal system.
In 2014 he is invited to coordinate the Municipal Plan Cabinet (Gabinete do Plano Diretor Municipal) which has the responsibility to develop the main planning instrument of the municipality, the new master plan, keeping the GIS responsibilities, and has been working on those tasks since then.
He also owns a website (“planeamento.com” / “planeamento.pt”) dedicated to urban planning, which aims to be a resource of information and a discussion forum.